10 August 2013

Sad Saturday Brunch

Today's brunch consists of tasty steamed broccoli for her, and yummy banana pancakes for him.

This has been an unpleasant year for my eyes. Although I've reduced my contact lens usage to the bare minimum--nine or ten days a month--and also given up on wearing eye makeup quite a bit, there have been a couple unpleasant episodes.

After giving up makeup for the winter/spring, I started again slowly and got a sty after the first day. So I tossed out the shadows and started fresh, even though I was a bit scared to wear the products. The longest span of time that I kept on eye makeup was seven hours. But that didn't help either. Then, on the night before we left the farm, I got a mosquito bite on my left eyelid. Yay, itchy swelling! 

Now, as the mosquito bite diminishes on my left lid, my right eye has apparently developed conjunctivitis. Lucky, lucky me. This is my third lifetime bout. As I've learned from the past, a good way to speed healing from pink eye is to:
  • make some dietary changes,
  • soak regularly with warm black tea bags,
  • drink a tincture of Eyebright in plenty of water,
  • and rock my stylish Betsye Johnson prescription sunglasses.
As for the dietary changes, I'm upping my Broccoli, Carrots, Eggs, Kippers, and fruit rich in vitamin C. All of these foods are excellent for eye health--and frankly part of a healthier, more balanced diet. I could live out my life only eating those foods (plus yogurt) and be perfectly healthy. 

I'm also restarting my chewable multi-vitamin, chewing on lightly steamed garlic cloves, and keeping away from the computer screen as much as possible. Undoubtedly, this will be a challenge since I work in multi-media design.