01 September 2013

Green Wedding Registry

This title is a bit misleading. If you've read about planning our green wedding, you'll know that we told folks to bring only their wonderful selves and that's all. Had I known about the WonderWash at the time I would have enlisted a party guest to pick up one for me.

I stumbled across this lightweight plastic machine while searching online for design plans to build a person-powered washing machine; we'd love to find something we can operate by hooking it up to our bike trainer. Alas, all of the online prototypes used too much water, made too much noise, or didn't seem very practical. The WonderWash however, is just a jug that you rotate for up to 2 minutes, repeat for the rinse cycle and then dry the clothes. It's practically exactly what I want (sans the exercise component).

I've had mine for 3 weeks, done 5 loads of washing--even whites--and I'm still happy. For detergent, I use the same thing I use for my skin, hair, and household cleaning; Dr. Bronner's Peppermint soap and white vinegar, only in different concentrations.

Take at look at the machine in action:

Product Review: 5 Stars, and it retails for between $30- $50