04 November 2013

Adventures in Home Building: Kitchen Update

You've seen the back splash and the floors, and the track lighting--some of you may have even seen the new vintage stove. Above are some photos of our custom (floating) kitchen counter. We stopped by this weekend to lend a hand in house work and found half of J&J Contracting putting the finishing touches on the counter. I had NOOO idea it would look so freakin' awesome!

Sorry for the blurry pic, camera was about to die.
When we first bought the house, we met with Josh and I explicitly said that I don't want any cabinets in the kitchen (or bathroom, for that matter). I hate cabinets. Josh got a a smile on his face as he contemplated the the logistics of  custom built storage and surfaces that have never been seen before. Hubby and I got happy just seeing him get excited for the project. When we ordered the hardwood flooring, Josh asked if we wanted the counter to be tile or "perhaps the same as the flooring". We said , let's make it wood and he got to work designing the counter. This gorgeous, floating, iron-framed, slender but strong, counter will be the main feature of the room.

Check out the huge opening that's been left for our double sink! It's gonna be beautiful. Josh has asked me a few times about whether I want to have a cabinet/curtain/ blind that hides the garbage disposal and built-in water filter under the sink; I always respond no. But I understand that he thinks the under-sink machinery will be an eyesore. I think it'll be fine fully exposed, but we can always change our minds (more expensively) if under the sink is really unsightly.

We're so happy about this counter!!!