13 November 2013

Product Review: ON Microfiber Tights

Brrrr! When it's wicked-cold outside I always reach for thick tights to wear with my fall/winter outfits. Three years back I picked up three pair of these microfiber tights from Old Navy, on sale. Last week, I finally got a run in my bright blue pair--after 3 seasons or winter wear! The buckle on my Steve Madden riding boots pierced the nylon. Frankly I 've washed and worn the tights three times since the incident and the expected run/ladder is finally starting to appear --it's about 2 inches long. I'll retire these tights eventually, but for now they're still good enough to wear under pants and jeans.

5/5 Stars: I love the Old Navy Women's Microfiber Tights. They are sturdy and and warm.