14 May 2014

Everyday is a Good Day for This...

Baltimore Bike to Work Day 2014, is  this week, Friday May 16, 2014.This year marks the 17th annual Bike to Work day--the one I thought I'd catch for some reason. Two years ago I worked at a nonprofit in the opposite direction of my current employer. Even then I missed the chance to swing by Baltimore Bike Works on my way and grab a coffee, photo-bomb the Mayor, or just grab a sticker for my crossbar on previous Bike-to-Work days. Reason being, I always get to work while the sun is thinking about coming up.

This year the lineup of rest stop locations is even better years past:

  • Baltimore City Hall (Fayette + N. Holiday)
  • Baltimore City Parking Authority and The Charm City Circulator (Lexington Garage 620 W. Lexington Street)
  • Baltimore Bicycle Works (Falls Road) 
  • Bambeco and Furbish Company (Lucky’ s Warehouse on the corner of Hanover & Baltic Street) 
  • Harbor East Management Group (685 S. President Street) 
  • Joe's Mt. Washington Bike Shop (5813 Falls Road)
  • Johns Hopkins University (1600 McElderry Street)
  • Johns Hopkins University - Homewood Campus (3010 Wyaman Park Drive)
  • McHenry Row Station, GKV (1500 Whetstone Way) 
  • MTA Baltimore Redline (Corner of Light and Lombard Street)
  • National Aquarium at Baltimore (Employees/Volunteers only!)
  • 750 East Pratt Street, LLC, and Hord Copan Macht (Pratt St & S. President St)
  • State Center (301 W. Preston St.)
  • State Highway Administration (Monument St & Guilford Ave) 
  • University of Maryland Medical Center (NW Corner of Lombard & Greene Street) 
  • Zipcar (700 South Caroline Street)

I still commute to work well before any of the locations are ready to greet commuters, and this time around I'm biking in the other direction! Biking to work is a way of life for me, not an option. I suppose I shouldn't try to horn in on the freebies that entice those just starting on their path to car-free (or car-lite) living.