07 May 2014

High Fibre Breakfast Smoothie

Yogurt is my usual breakfast fare. It's normally dressed up with fresh or frozen fruit, then gulped down as  I run out the door to make it to work before sun up. 

Lately, I've begun blending my meal to drink it at home or at work in the early hours. With one vegetable addition, it's now the perfect breakfast:

  • 1.5 serving of Low fat yogurt = 20% DV Protein, 35% Calcium, 25% Vitamin D
  • 2-3 dried plums are sweet and = 10% DV fibre, 8% Potassium, 7% Vitamin A
  • 2-3 Celery stalks are refreshingly crunchy and = 6% DV fibre, 8% Vitamin A
  • 4 oz of carrot juice = %350 DV Vitamin A, 15% Potassium, 4% fibre

The fruit and veg also offer additional Calcium, vitamin C and a little bit of iron. This is quick and tasty.