18 June 2014

Happy Anniversary, Birthday, etc.

I've been jonesin' for a new bicycle for the past few months--something cheap, cute, and fun to ride. Yes, I know I already have a cute fun bike, but the cheapness is key for me. Back when biking around town was less popular, I got great deals:
  • My first bike cost me 10 bucks, 
  • the second was 60, 
  • the third was a freebie from a friend  after my 2nd bike was stolen,
  • the fourth bike was $250, 
  • and my current ride is exponentially more dear.
on recent trips to the local bike shops, I was shocked at the cost of used and/or "inexpensive" modes of transport. The cheap bikes cost $400!!! Hubby surprised me with an abandoned frame that he found on the side of the road--a rusty, gunky, 30 year old, cheap bike. He left it where it lay for a day or so before coming back to claim it. We got new tires and tubes, saddle, tape and bits and bobs to make it work. It's a HOT bike. 

This will be my "Antiguan Gyal" bike--decorated in the colors of my native flag and stenciled with that moniker. So excited...