22 October 2014

No Impact Eating? No Problem

Concerns on Challenge Day 4: Food

Eating local and sustainable is one challenge that might prove easy this week. Two ingredients for success in this area are a food delivery system, and the food, right?

Options for Food Delivery

I've got my slow cooker and I'm not afraid to use it. That said, my husband and I exist on soups and stews in the colder months. Basically from October to April we only cook soup! They’re un-screw-uppable; almost anything can go into a pot with spices and broth to make a delicious soup.

This is the main food delivery system that will work for our at-home meals. But we’ve got a standing Date Night on Thursdays and Date Day on Saturdays—this means we eat at least two restaurant meals in a regular week. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep this tradition alive during No Impact Week.

A little research on my part may make Saturday doable. Maybe we’ll even discover a few new restaurants for our Saturday outing. As for Thursday’s concerned, we’ve got it covered! One of my favorite neighborhood eateries, Donna’s of Charles Village, has an exec chef who specializes in turning locally sourced produce, meats, and grains into gorgeous meals. His suppliers are as far flung as the Eastern Shore and as nearby as a Baltimore urban farm.

The Food…

kale salad image source: www.fittipdaily.com
In case you’re wondering, at home I’ll be cooking up much of the produce that my parents harvested from their expansive garden in the summer and early fall. Right now, hubby and I have pepper, kale, tomato, potato, okra, garlic, carrots, pumpkin and other gourds to toss into the pot—among other things. Plus a steady supply located at the parent’s house—about 40 minutes away.

I'll keep you posted on the downtown restaurants?