22 April 2015

Spring Break Done Right

Here’s how my extended vacation unfolded:

This trip back home to Antigua was supremely well-deserved. Here in the mid-Atlantic region of the USA, we've spent a full winter wondering how our mostly-temperate zone turned into the arctic tundra. It was cold. Record frigid temps, short days, self-imposed hermit status, and general winter doldrums caused an uncharacteristic bout of depression that even March could not remedy. By the night before our 3am departure for the airport I was still fretting. So much so that I caused myself to have a spontaneous nosebleed, my first ever.

On the ride to the plane I worried even more that I would suffer massive brain hemorrhage upon take-off from change in cabin pressure. Well, that didn't happen. A few hours later we stepped onto the tarmac outside of the coral-colored main building of V.C. Bird International Airport. I was home.

The taxi took us to Golden Grove (new extension). There we dropped off luggage at my stateside aunt and uncle’s place then took a ride into town with our temporary neighbor, uncle Vernon. He helped us get groceries in St Johns, then we settled in for the evening.

The next several days were full of long walks on white sand beaches leading down to clear blue/turquoise ocean, dining on homemade food from the family, and Barbadian rum happy hours on the veranda. We even caught a cricket match in St Johns.

This was my view for our first 3 mile walk to Jolly Beach..fyi, that's the bag that carried my luggage...

Aunt Idena made sure that we had the proper Easter fare, she sent us dukuna, chop up, and salt fish.
Roti came from the carry out on the edge of the village. Trye story, i have never had good roti in the US

This was the match we caught in Js Johns , before the Windies vs. England test match on April 13.

Anyone ever see fresh Uni--before it's served with wasabi and ginger?
Entrance to Darkwood Beach (south)

I fried plantains for breakfast
After a week of wedded vacation bliss (and some quasi Caribbean cooking, on my part), hubby flew back to the states and I was joined by my sister. We did some driving, traveling, searching for properties, partying with our young cousins, and finally spent our last beach day at Valley Church swimming with the fishes.

Today, I’m back at home with my beloved and my batteries are completely recharged. (now, the garden needs some TLC)