11 January 2016

Visualize it..

There's book about positive visualization...I've never read it, nor do I remember the title, but it's about visualizing the outcomes that you want--thereby willing them into being.

This is what I've been working on for the past few weeks; seeing a future of my devising and picturing the steps with which to achieve them.

My early morning, weekend, bike ride takes me along a well-worn, familiar track. I pedal down the footpaths and walkways slowly--noting the way the sun comes up above the historic buildings, the way light shines through manicured foliage making the undersides of leaves glow lime green, the cool morning air that greets me even in this warm season. Once my route has circled the entire campus, I pause under Frederick Douglas' statue and I look back along my course…imagining walking between campus buildings, racing to a meeting, talking to students and soon-to-be-grads, hanging my motivational sharks up in my work space. I see myself as part of the community. I also imagine the routine of taking the secluded bike path from my home to this campus as my daily commute (it's a bear). Visualizing it as if it has already happened. Then I re-mount my two-wheeled transport and head back home.

It's a ritual that I undertake when the spirit moves me. Yes, I do more than imaging, and yes think this visualization exercise works. At the very least, it's an exercise in mindfulness; it calms my mind and gives me a positive start to the day on a weekend.

Image by Practical DINK: Frederick Douglas statue on the campus of Morgan State University in Maryland.