05 October 2016

Cubicle Makeover 2016

A good friend just got her first office job since leaving undergrad a decade ago. She has been happily ensconced in early childhood education for many years. During a recent chat about the new gig she tittered with delight, “I’m gonna have a cubicle!” Well, that’s what happens when you enter the nonprofit world. I had to laugh.

But seriously, her joy reminded me of my most recent cubicle makeover. It’s definitely joyous for me. After a many years of pining away for my dream job, I’m here and already making a difference. That said, I kicked up a bit of a stink about having the maintenance staff come in and elevate my cubicle desks in a timely manner. There’s a saying about increasing age and decreasing patience—but it doesn’t spring immediately to mind.

I Refuse to Overpay for A Standing Desk

It all started with a pair of Whitmor metal racks ($18/each). These offered the right amount of elevation (if not as much support). I ended up placing some flat mental pieces and cardboard under my Mac to distribute its weight over a larger surface area.

After a month of waiting, the workmen eventually came and moved three of the 4 desk surfaces in mu cube up about 11 inches. I was able to setup my work station. At one point, I grabbed my handy screwdriver and detached the remaining desk. It’s now propped on top of two low filing cabinets. It holds my Windows computer and fan, obscures a jumble of cables, and hides my shameful secret: an unreasonable fear of other people’s germs. Instead of antibacterial goo, I dab my palms and person with Listerine after physical contact with other peoples. HEY. I’m trying not to get sick this season!

 On the opposite side, my cube looks like the desert, barren with a inorganic few things sticking out at odd angles.