29 June 2017

If you have more bikes than people...

What to do when your house has more bikes than people?

Get a vertical standing bike rack. It saves on floor space, and makes you look like less of a slob--at least, that's been our experience. We have a stable of 6 bikes, five of which reside in the house with us. While one stays in the basement.

This light-weight bike rack has moved around between the front room and living room in our current house (3 years) and our last apartment (2 years). It's fairly easy to install (since we've long since mislaid the instructions) and does not move once it's up.

It's an inexpensive vertical, bike rack has served us well for several years and we’re looking forward to several more. To be frank, we have even gotten a new bike since the rack allows for slightly more indoor storage space.