17 January 2020

London 2019: The Rain

Well, it was only a matter of time 'til I would need to test the weather proof-ness of my amply sprayed coat. While it has rained on other days, today was THE day. Feeling smothered by my roommate and 2 sycophantic undergrads, I broke away and struck out on my own in search of a steaming plate of oxtail stew! I checked my online map thrice, packed my coat into a bag, added a plastic ziploc for the phone and passport if necessary and left for the trip twice...first time I thought “get your lip balm” and the second I grabbed my phone.

I set off at a healthy clip, and armed with my response in case anyone so much as asked y’all right?

This was a shred-your-own-roti dish...Across the Caribbean, you order Chicken roti and you get a wrap with meat, veg, and sauce handed to you..this was something different

As I strolled the streets more crowded and more down-market shops appeared (I passed no less than 3 charity shops!). Arriving at Camden town, I looked for the high-street sign (or some such) to tell me which way to go. All was clear and I ordered food, sampled it and then left with 4 small to-go containers..on my way out I chatted up a young Londoner whose middle name is the same as my first...and she told me where to go to get the REAL Caribbean food hookup. After the cigarette was out I thanked her and left...

My next stop on this bright Thursday was one of those three thrift stores I passed on the way there. I grabbed a $8 (just under 6 British pounds) dress and made my way out...it was lashing down rain. I hemmed and hawed and tried to buy a plastic bag to protect my food and belongings. But alas and a lack I did not have 10p. Out into the downpour I went.

I covered 3 blocks in no time flat, but could feel a steady stream of water running down the small of my back.A Sainsbury’s appeared and—recognizing the name as one of grocery store chain— I walked in...maybe an umbrella would be found. None was. Instead I bought some Ryvita crackers, teabags and that all-important plastic carrier bag....bundled my belongings inside....continued my walk home in light drizzle...then drizzle turned back to downpour...then downpour to showers. At the hotel door—20 blocks later—the rain subsided.

Long story slightly longer, I was wet through, my coat was wet through, my leather gloves...wet through
My knit winter hat and gloves...wet through
My Jamaican meal...not that wet, and it was delicious.

The end!