18 March 2013

office space : my African violet looks pitiful

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Yes, I’m not the best caretaker of flora and fauna; that’s why I have no pets or kids. However I surround myself with plants and try to keep them alive and flourishing—it’s hard work.

 In my office the African Violets have stopped blooming. I’ve done some research and asked around for help. So, I’ll share what I learned with you here. Although African violets are capable of blooming year-round, they don't bloom reliably if basic needs aren’t being met.

  • The most likely reason African violets stop blooming is because they're in too little light. Although they don't like direct sunlight, they need as bright light as possible to form buds. In winter, extend daylight by placing them under a grow light for a few extra hours. 
  • Transplanting into an over-large container is another reason these plants stop blooming. They like to be rootbound. 
  •  Also, they won't bloom if the top growth gets crowded, so remove any suckers that come up in the pot. 
  •  Finally, a lack of nutrition and dry air can also cause blooming problems. Feed year round with a half-strength dilution of African violet fertilizer, and keep humidity high by grouping the plants on pebble trays, and mist often.
 Adapted from: the Seattle Times, Home and Garden section