16 March 2013

our unusual honeymoon destination

With the wedding set for June of 2013, hubby and I plan a fun get away for our honeymoon. It all started last year...

...we biked from northern Maryland to the south and stayed the night in an infamous Annapolis B&B before cycling on to Washington DC the next day. In DC we biked through the city and then spent the night in an Adams Morgan hotel. The next day we biked along the highway to Virginia, then rode the W&OD trail into Leesburg. In that fantastic little town we dined with the locals, danced in a nightclub, and slept in another historic B&B. Then we did the whole trip in reverse. It was a tough week, but romantic and fun.

Our impending marriage came as a surprise to me, but now we want to make our maiden bike trip a family tradition. It'll make a memorable honeymoon when we spend a week doing what we love--with one another.