16 March 2013

retail therapy : mannequins

I just found a  great little article on the new mannequins that appear in some H&M retail shops and was surprised at their size and shape. The article states that these new Swedish mannequins present a more realistic body shape on which to drape clothin. :

Is it me or will these larger mannequins be unable to fit in most H&M fashions? Well, the article may be a hoax but it's not a bad ideal.

Many believe it's a step in the right direction of alleviating the body image discrepancies perpetrated by retail media. I must agree. Presently, many manufacturers are embracing the more realistic body shapes of their customers; for that, they should be applauded! They can gaining market share by showing their target audiences that they care. Who knew that inclusion was an inexpensive way to make more money?!

Conversely, I found a couple articles and images of what Gap think passes for a suitable mannequin, and had to share that image as well. Honestly, I can't opine on these retail practices--as I don't shop brands that have been known to use sweatshop labor. Article on Gap's use of ultra-skinny mannequins.