20 May 2013

Springtime Makeup Diet

I made mention of this on FB, back when I started but didn't mention it here. Back in April, upon my return from Costa Rica, I decided to stop wearing makeup for a little while. The truth was that I had grown dependent on it over the past year. Plus, the Caribbean tan (and sunburn) that I returned with made matching up concealer, foundation, lippy, shadows, and pencils a daunting prospect. That said, I decided to let go of my makeup crutch until the wedding in June.

First, I purged my cosmetics collection , getting rid of anything that would be out-of-date by mid June. Then I threw away anything else that I really didn't love--there were about a dozen lipsticks and shadows that didn't make the cut. Finally, I made a decision about what I would keep: a light pink/neutral lip color and my black gel shadow.

Today marks my halfway point, and I only have about 40 days left on this diet. The plan is to work in cosmetics in shades and colors that best fit my personality and highlight--rather than conceal. It'll be fun to do some shopping!

Here's a sidebar for you: I promised an international friend that I'd purchase and mail her some assorted lippy that's not available in her country; so she sent me a list with only the color names and numbers on it. When I began picking up the half-dozen or so shades, I was smitten. It was with Herculean effort that I didnt buy two of everything on that shopping trip.