17 November 2013

What's Happenin'

The latest house pics and updates... click on the image to see full-sized.

Mom and dad just called to ask why we haven't posted house updates online. Good question folks...

The short answer is that there's precious little to post. The painter is now working on the interior and he's going to be there for a while. We have no plans to visit the house until his work is done. Before he started the job, Jimbo, quoted us a time frame of 2-3 weeks of setup, cleaning, painting, and finishing. It seemed quite reasonable to me when he pointed out all of the bumps, and dents in practically every wall in our hundred-year-old house. He promised that we'd have level surfaces!

Well, we've popped in at the house a couple times since he started and realized finally the magnitude of the project. If you'll notice the walls before the primer, there isn't a square foot of wall that doesn't have at least one area of patch. On day 2 of the job, I found Jimbo happily sanding with a heavy duty breathing mask and some talk radio playing in the background.

Today we swung by just to take pics for the family. We unlocked the front door to a huge surprise.On the first floor we expected to see the ceilings done, the trim and kitchen, but I did not expect to see the main wall has been primed and is mostly painted going up the stairs. There are  many pictures, I chose only a couple here.

The thing that inspires awe in this job is this contractor's workmanship . As part of the job, Jim removed cheap old curtain hardware and then mended the wood before painting the trim. This is trim that I originally thought was cheap and ugly because of the context. Today, I had to marvel at the beauty of the window in our living room; and it's all because of the expertise in the refinishing, patching, and painting job. I hope this picture does it justice.
found at www.busydoor.com

P.S. Seeing the primary color on the walls has inspired us in our choice of carpet color for the steps. Plus, I' think I may get all crafty with the switch plate and socket covers...