12 July 2014

At Long Last: My first QVC Purchase

I've been watching QVC--off and on--for over a decade. I've never seen the need to make a purchase, I just think it's good teevee. Well, I was tempted and pulled the trigger on the 3rd go July. AM Style with Jayne & Pat featured a Lori Goldstein twin set that looked super cute and soft, and smashing over leggings. Resistance was futile. After a quick online registration, and an order of the item plus another Logo piece, it was confirmed, my package would arrive at my office in under a week.

 It did. I'm happy!

One bit of unpleasantness I learned when perusing their online store, QVC takes vanity sizing the a whole new level. More about that later. For now enjoy the adorable style of the LOGO Layers pieces that I wore to work the day after delivery; love them!