22 July 2014

Two Years on...

Anyway, when I started the new job in October—nearly 2 years ago—I snapped a pic of me against the backdrop of my cube and co-workers. Just about everyday after, I biked to work and changed from yoga pants and a tee into my office gear. Since there's no mirror in my cube, I used Photo Booth to take a look at each day's wardrobe change. This vid is nearly year's worth of changes at 6:45am.

Why is this showing up photo montage showing up before October?

A coworker paid me the one compliment that I never thought I’d hear in professional life. “Simone, you always look so pulled together… you’ve got the best clothes.” What, little old me? Apparently, my adherence to Amanda’s WNTW rules and affinity for thrift shopping has served me well.