27 July 2014

Our annual Trip to the Farm

We've come back from the Northland Sheep Dairy, again. This year we made excellent time driving back from seeing the extended family--5 hours from Marathon to Maryland! As usual we had a great time, caught up, drank too much, and lent a hand where we could; hubby more than I--as he helped them bail and bring in their first cutting of hay. It was something like 800, 50 lb bales that were moved by hand. We also learned the difference between hay and straw!

This was Last Year's Trip

Donn and MaryRose are gracious hosts, and excellent chefs. After a wine-soaked happy hour on Friday, we dined on the most delectable  hanger steak….yum. Without more ado, here're my favorite shots of the trip. Morning fog on Saturday was cold:

Everyone pitched in to stack the hay bales into the two barns--'kept me--even the chickens got in on the action!