02 September 2014

From Gruesome to Garden: End of Summer

At the start of the growing season I made broad pronouncements about grass as ground cover and about steering clear of crops. Well, we've had a full summer of garden growth and at least two lawn cuttings. So what are my thoughts now?
This is a bird's eye view of our garden from the herb basket on the back porch. Notice the fully functional clothesline.

Glad you asked. I actually ended up growing lots of grass (lemon grass and oat grass), some peppers, and sunflowers (which are very sad at the prospect of the coming fall). This Labor Day weekend I snapped a few pics of our most recent garden.

One new addition is the back wall of morning glories and moon flowers that are being trained up the exterior back wall--I'll add a photo here. I've had a relatively mosquito-light summer but learned that I'm now allergic to poison ivy. This means next year's gardening may not be so robust….we'll see:

The green and red blades are Thai Lemongrass… great for cooking and tea. Check out the back
porch. hubby took a week to repoint the brick. he did an awesome job, too.

One sunflower is facing the sun… not sure what the rest re doing

Another shot from the porch… several of the flora down there will need to be potted,
and taken inside for the cold season...

The Morning Glory vines actually live outside the back fence--a place I don't venture because of skeeters...

Late hot peppers are in full fruit right now… I hope they continue to mature and change color
before it gets too cold...