11 September 2014

My Week of Cream of Wheat

Yesterday I Googled "best cream of wheat recipe" and went in search of just that. My interest was piqued over the previous weekend on a grocery trip with my best friend. I grabbed a can of evaporated milk and she asked ,'what in the world is that for?' Porridge, obviously.

As a kid in Antigua we ate porridge every weekday morning;  cornmeal porridge, rice porridge, oatmeal porridge, cream of wheat porridge, etc. I actually waxed poetic about the drizzle of canned milk and pat of butter that made those childhood breakfasts so memorable. My buddy had her own family version of childhood cream of wheat:

"...my grandma used  canned milk too, and she added mashed banana and some honey."

Whoa, I've gotta try that! And I will.On that shopping trip I picked up a box of  2 minute farina, and one of instant --for making in the office. Today I mixed up my first instant breakfast porridge. It was pretty tasty:

2/3 c boiling water
Powdered non-dairy creamer (I don't drink milk)
1.25 packet of instant Cream of Wheat
1 packet of Splenda
1 scant handful of dried cranberries
pinch of cinnamon

One down-- six more to go