28 September 2014

My Crock Pot Brings all the Boys to the Yard…

Four years together and we’ve got an arsenal of family traditions. In summers we sup on three bean salads religiously, but in the colder months we opt for soups when we sit down to dinner.

This September we decided to get a slow cooker to make healthier, lower sodium dinners. I’m also hoping to be able to cook meat for the first time in my 30-something years. The maiden meal was a kale soup made from my mom’s fresh, organic produce… Kale and White bean Soup (made with black beans).

Our second slow cooker sensation was a veggie lasagna that we made last Sunday. Having just learned that Lasagna is my hubby’s favorite meal; I was quite please with myself for finding the recipe. Instead of meat sauce, we chopped up 1.5 cups each of onion and cabbage and layered that between the noodle/sauce layers. This cooked on low for 7 hours and was perfect.

Also, we used cottage cheese instead of ricotta.

We’ve been experimenting with dried beans, different veggies, and grains. If I can only find where they keep the cubed, organic lamb in our grocery then the Irish stews can start… This coming week, I’m jazzed about making a French Onion Soup.