01 July 2014

Bike Vacation Part III

We did it again. This year we mark our first wedding anniversary with the 3rd incarnation of our bike tour from here to Leesburg, VA.

To begin, I managed to win the Race Across America--beating dozens of trained endurance racers--when we entered downtown Annapolis MD last Sunday morning at 10:50 AM. There is indisputable photographic evidence of that (wink-wink).

Actually the guy who crossed the finish line just after me took 11.5 days to complete the 3K+ mi race. It was pretty exciting to see him cross and listen to the interview afterwards. Hubby and I have no patience for or leanings toward endurance sport. There must be a great view, a good meal, delicious wine, or some exceptional people at the end of hundreds of miles of riding! That said, how about a quick tour of latest bike tour. Real quick here’s a list of our route/trails:

My attempt to downplay the fact that we had pizza twice each day... look, salad.

Geometry on our trip

Llama farm!, Turtle!, Flowers! and Me!