18 September 2015

My Minimalist Wardrobe

The Great Wardrobe Purge

What is better than shopping? Shopping in your own closet! The best way to do this well is if there are fewer items that mix and match in multiple combinations. It's also more satisfying. Think about it. looking great by creating 15 different outfits from a palette of 4 or 5 pieces.

To be honest, I actually purge my wardrobe every 3 years or so. Usually, in fall I begin trying on and whittling down—mixing and matching, and giving away. Mind you, at one point in recent history my wardrobe was so large that I did laundry 3 or 4 time a year—with no repeats. Dammit I love clothes.

In the recent past, hubby and I have entertained the idea of fostering a kid. It would mean converting my walk-in closet into a bedroom; further meaning that I’d need a less unwieldy wardrobe to move into another location in out little house.

Back to my Purge

My closet has been home to collections from every decade of the 20th century. However, I once made the move to have only garments from the 1970s in my closet, it made for a highly inflammable situation.

Today, in keeping with my natural fibers obsession and my penchant for vintage style, I have opted to whittle down my wardrobe to the most flattering and versatile period in fashion. Think hourglasses. Think cool cotton, but high fashion, and clothes drying on a line. Yes, the throwback 50s fit and flare. Silhouettes that are flattering; keeping things that work for me on both weekend and weekday, without too much thought. Alongside my costume-style dresses I have also kept A-line skirts, all my shirts are sleeveless and high-collared, and a couple pairs of pants (never been a pants wearer, to me they’re un-feminine and revealing at the same time) for some potential versatility. Plus, I took an unsympathetic hatchet to my belt collection.

One note about pants: I've grown really partial to  cotton harem pants. These things look both ethnic and stylish with  practically no effort. Here's the front-lit and backlit, casual proof from our recent trips to the farm and the beach…

Three weeks ago I had whittled my wardrobe down by a third. Two weeks ago I was in the 50 percent range. Today my wardrobe is a third of it’s former size. Here are some stats:
  • 40 belts > 18 belts (plus 2 ornamental, ethnic belts)
  • 29 blouses, tanks and tops > 12 blouses, tanks and tops
  • 39 dresses > 15 dresses
  • 19 skirts > 8 skirts
  • 39 shoes > 19 shoes
  • 25 handbags > 9 handbags
Exercise wear doesn’t count, as they all fit into a tiny wicker basket.

Instead of doing a full scale clothing swap, I chose to invite a few interested friends over to dig through and take my things. They did not disappoint. My buddies re-homed my closet castaways, and I now have an awesome mix and matching potential. Yay!