14 May 2016

From Gruesome to Garden (2016, II)

It’s been raining nonstop for over two weeks. The ground is wet, plants we bought to place in the herb vegetable gardens look sad sitting on my back porch; they’re tired of waiting. I’m tired of waiting. Lo and behold, yesterday the sun came up in the evening and it’s been out all day today. It’s now or never.

We breakfasted at the coffee shop and strolled arm-in-arm through the Waverly Farmer’s Market. On the way home, we picked a peck of peppers for placement in the orchard veggie garden and got to work.

In our yard proper, every single plant is made more beautiful and vibrant because of the weather. The Scotch Broom is in Bloom. Peonies have dozens of sweet ball-shaped buds, ready to burst forth (at some point). 

Hostas have gone wild, they put me in mind of old growth forests, they’re freakin’ huge (my iPod pics don’t do them justice…next time I will place a toddler under the massive leaves for comparison).

My mints are getting massive—spear, pepper and cat. Crimson Clover is now my all time favorite Clover, the bright red combs are spectacular. Herbs are hanging in there, as usual.
There’s so much color and texture and life…we can hardly complain about the seasonal affective disorder that the nonstop cloudy days caused…who knew.

In front of Montpelier Orchard, the herb garden looks A-mazing! We snuck some Parsley in there a few days ago and have seeded some more Crimson Clover to help fix Nitrogen for the lettuces and peppers. One hopes that the rain scheduled for this afternoon does not wash all those poor seeds away.

Maybe this is wishful thinking on my part, but we need one more full day of gardening and we should be able to enjoy our gardens without much more work—for the season (a bit of weeding around the food, but that’s all).

* Another cool thing is that today turned out to be community dumpster day, so we also got the chance to dismantle and discard the chain-link fence on our house next door. Winning!
Fish hooks and covered pots that will house the evil Ivy eventually.