24 October 2016

Welcome Home, Nornas

It’s autumn, and time for fall cleaning. Hubby and I kept the tradition alive by taking last weekend to scrub the homestead from stem to stern. Part of the process, for me, is always redecorating, or rearranging. To help complete the process, IKEA supplied us with a new, narrow, coffee table at a reasonable price.

Hello Nornas! Picked up this addition to our home furnishings and let the box sit unopened for a couple days.

Eventually I turned on Netflix and screwed this together during an airing of the Rockford Files.

We used the new coffee table, and relegated the old Ektorp ottoman to the front reading room.

The last thing we did was slap on a coat of tinted polyurethane so that we may spill te and coffee at our leisure.

Welcome to the family, Nornas!