09 December 2016

Sweet & Bitter

In a few days we head home to Antigua, to attend a family funeral. It’s better and sweet, as we go to say goodbye to one of my favorite people, and will be surrounded by an extended family—most of whom I’ve not seen in years. Saying “goodbye” but also “hello, again.”

This surprise trip is an expense that we had not planned, but even so, it offers us a welcome break. I’m looking forward to seeing a newborn baby, and newly minted Mr. & Mrs., aunts and uncles who are sporting a bit more gray hair, the village where I was born, the beaches where my sister and I learned to swim (back in our day, there were just 52 and not 365), and the new airport (kidding—but there actually is a new airport). Plus, I’ll be with my parents and sis on the island where we were all born; that hasn’t happened since I was 16!

As usual I’m packing light, but bringing along a few items for the little people. I mean I want them to have a good impression of their cousin from the states. I plan to sew two Xmas stocking while we lay over in Toronto, and return to our little house in MD by Christmas.