31 July 2015

Fresh Herbs: Three Bean Salad

We’ve lately been picking through the (limited) bounty of the Montpelier Orchard. In addition to cukes, and lettucies, and soon-to-be-red tomatoes, there is an abundance of herbs, that I’ve been collecting to spice up some home cooking. Well I say cooking…

While weeding this week I grabbed a handful of Lemon Thyme for our three bean salad; a perennial summer staple. Crushed in a mortar and pestle this herb added a lemony tang to our summery meal. I literally grabbed a handful of stalks and flowers, then stripped and muddled the herb.

Here’s the rest: Adapted from this website, AllRecipes.com

Drain and thoroughly rinsethree cans of beans: garbanzo, red kidney, and black
1 Vidalia onion, thin sliced or chopped

½ cup chopped or muddled lemon thyme
1 oz warm water
2 oz white vinegar
1 tbsp sugar (we use Truvia, but honey will work too)
¼ tsp black pepper
a few splashes of Matouk’s Caribbean habanero pepper sauce, to taste
a few splashes of olive oil
a splash of balsamic vinegar

Mix and toss the solid ingredients. In a separate container, blend the of the vinaigrette ingredients and let sit for a few minutes--so the flavors will play nice together. Then mix into the bean salad. Enjoy!