11 August 2015

Adventures in House Building: Two-Year Update

This is our second summer in our beautiful little house in the middle of the Greatest City in America ®. In this brief period we’ve had quite a time of it. Some good, some less so…

  • We’ve made many updates to the place since moving in at Christmas two winters back. These two pics I took when we first viewed the house--before renovations (top-kitchen opening onto back yard, below-living room and front room), 
  • we had a part-time cleaner for a while, 
  • we grew many houseplants
  • we got a crock pot, and 
  • we’ve completely settled in. 
The place is definitely more lived in than this time last year and the year before. Here are some fun before and afters:

These rooms look so different from that first day...
The bedroom is much the same after the renovation...

The kitchen is definitely lived-in...

We refurbished and carpeted the steps. Our Bobble head collection marks where the banister should be

The yard is a chameleonic work in progress...how 'bout that blue wall?